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「若夢 HONG KONG DÉJÀ VU: when reality feels unreal」
    張俊謙 攝影藝術展 Jeremy Cheung Photography Exhibition

地點:PHOTATO (⾹港 觀塘興業街18 號美興⼯業⼤廈A 座606 室)

⽇期:2020 年1 ⽉16 ⽇至2020 年2 ⽉2 ⽇
開幕酒會 (藝術家將出席 ):2020 年1 ⽉15 ⽇,星期三7–10pm
藝術家導賞分享會:2020 年1 ⽉18 ⽇,星期六3–5pm
查詢︰2376 2900 /

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「若夢 HONG KONG DÉJÀ VU: when reality feels unreal」的展覽信息:

DÉJÀ VU 是⼀種至今仍未被醫學所理解的⽣理現象,但⼤多數⼈特別是在年青時都有經歷過。它是指⼈在現實中第⼀次經歷某場景時,卻有種曾經經歷過或是曾經夢⾒過的奇妙感覺。這⼀刻,⼈每每會對眼前的現實,甚至時間的流向,產⽣混亂,亦即是有“現實變得不真實”的感覺。藝術家就是要透過他這⼀系列在⾹港拍攝的多重曝光作品,帶⼤家經歷⼀次HONG KONG DÉJÀ VU,從⽽對⼤家所習慣的⾹港⽇常來⼀次反思。

跟拍攝⼀般寫實街拍作品時不同,這系列的拍攝過程不是聚焦在搜獵眼前的⼀刻,反⽽是多以放空的狀態不斷在城市裏穿梭──讓看到的景⾊⾃然地消化分解,令腦裏對現實的慣性消除。看到的,將不再是⼀個個畫⾯,⽽是⼀種種如建築、山⽔、材質、形狀、新舊、⽅向、關係等的創作元素。 透過多重曝光,當中可以是⼀秒之隔,也可以是⼀年之遠。把這些元素重新再組合,就成為了今次的創作。看著張氏這些夢幻般的作品,令⼈不禁思考,究竟是照⽚夢幻,還是我們慣了的⾹港更夢幻︖

* 所有展覽照片均可供購買


Venue: PHOTATO (606, 6/F, Block A, Mai Hing Industrial Building, 18 Hing Yip Street,Kwun Tong, Hong Kong)

Date: 2020/1/16 – 2020/2/2; free public admission

Hours: Mon to Fri 11 – 7pm, Sat 12 – 4pm, Sun (by appointment only); closed on public holidays
Opening Reception: 2020/1/15 (Wed) 7 – 10pm (artist will be present)
Artist Sharing: 2020/1/18 (Sat) 3 – 5pm
Enquiry: 2376 2900 /

“HONG KONG DÉJÀ VU: when reality feels unreal” Exhibition Concept:

DÉJÀ VU is a physiological phenomenon that still bemuses modern science, but one that most of us have probably experienced especially in our youth. It refers to that peculiar feeling of already having experienced or dreamt of one’s surroundings, albeit they have not indeed. This feeling brings into question the nature of reality and even the flow of time, as if the reality ceases to be real. Through his multiple exposure works shot in Hong Kong, the photographer seeks to evoke a HONG KONG DÉJÀ VU for his audience, inspiring reflection on the city life we have come to normalize.

Instead of steering our attention to select subjects, as does conventional street photography, this series reproduces the photographer’s purposely undirected observation of the city. This method decomposes the city into abstract visual elements, such as form, nature, texture, the contrast between old and new, direction, and relation. And so inspires closer inspection of the whole we have come to accept as reality. The photographer also compresses time in his works through multiple exposures, compressing seconds and years into a single frame. The recombination of these elements born this series. Looking at Cheung’s dreamlike creations, we are disposed to contemplate which is more intriguing, the surreal photos combined of the mixed elements or the actual intricate Hong Kong we too used to seeing?

* All displayed prints are available for purchase.

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About Jeremy Cheung

Jeremy Cheung is a Hong Kong-based freelance urban, event and architectural photographer. He is fond of capturing candid unrehearsed moments and urban stories with an attention to mood, geometry and typography. His personal works are often fusions of abstraction vs. reality, minimalism vs. complexity, as well as symmetry vs. imperfection.

- “HONG KONG DÉJÀ VU: when reality feels unreal”
- Content creation for Germany National Tourism Board on the campaign “30 Years Since the Fall of
the Berlin Wall”
- “#DingDing115yrs Photo Exhibtion” Joint Exhibition
- “Philosophers on the Streets” Solo Photo Exhibition (HKIPF Satellite Exhibition)
- “Life Between Urban Canyons” Solo Photo Exhibition
- “Up//Down – Hillside Hong Kong” Joint Photo Exhibition
- “Light it Well” 2nd Runner-up in “National Geographic Wheelock Hong Kong Photo Contest 2017
(Mobile Category)”
-「Hong Kong – Hopes & Fears 」Joint Photo Exhibition

instagram : @rambler15
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