三秒頃城    SplitSecondCity

⬤  香港國際攝影節 2020 衛星展覽
      Hong Kong International Photo Festival 2020 Satellite Exhibitions

⬤  張俊謙 Jeremy CHEUNG

◯  日期 Date | 15/04 – 24/05/2020
◯  時間 Time | 星期一至日 上午十時至晚上十時 10:00-20:00 (Mon-Sun)
◯  地點 Venue | 九龍石硤尾白田街30號 JCCAC L5 公共空間
     L5 Common Space, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, 30 Pak Tin St, Shek Kip Mei

⬤  在對立與平靜並存的時代洪流中,路邊的交通燈,看似平平無奇,運作邏輯卻早已植入我們的思維,並一直守護著城市的秩序。它是歷史見證人,亦是緘默的旁觀者。創作人選擇了以黃燈作為題材,因為它是「前進」(綠燈)與「停止」(紅燈)的緩衝區,每次亮起只有短短3秒,賦予一種「過渡」與「短暫」的功能,但在心理層面上卻附帶一種「警覺」甚至「宿命」的意義。

把影像鎖定在無法操控的「3秒」窗口內,是一場攝影概念與「決定性瞬間」的拉鋸戰,因為最唯美、最震撼的瞬間都未必發生在這個限時的框架中。然而,當下看似平凡的風景,如果連繫過去或延伸未來,或者會帶來截然不同的解讀…… 香港當下所經歷的,也許正處於這種黃燈「快閃」的過渡狀態 ──  不完美、不確定、時而起伏、時而更迭。即如自去年初夏,這城市裏的人的圖像記憶以至情感負載亦早已超越了臨界點。

是次展覽,創作人運用了時間線與平行時空的手法,以交通燈轉黃的3秒時限作為主軸,紀錄自2019年起,香港路邊發生的大小故事 ──  30個「日常」、「無常」與「新日常」的瞬間,按時序分別展示於兩面對立的牆壁上,時而陌路、時而交疊。這系列相片除了側面刻畫香港社會在變遷中的不同過渡狀態,亦嘗試探索「日常」的本質和可變性,以及時間與記憶的關係。

⬤  Despite being seemingly trivial on the road, how traffic lights safeguard the city’s orderliness with their signalling logic has long been embedded in everyone’s life. They are both a historical witness and a silent onlooker. The ‘yellow light’ was chosen as the exhibition theme for this serves as the buffer zone between "GO" (green light) and "STOP" (red light). Its fleeting 3-second interval is also symbols of “transition”, “fickleness” or even “fate” both functionally and psychologically.

Locking a snapshot within this split-second window is actually a tug-of-war between the photographic concept and ‘the decisive moment’. In such a waiting process, the ‘best’ photos rarely fall within the 3-second chance. However, these seemingly ordinary captures might invite another layer of reading when related to the past and the future of a place. To an extent, these imperfect, uncertain and unsteady elements denote the transitional state that our city is experiencing right now. Since June, 2019, the overloading information and overwhelming affections have already exceeded thresholds of many Hong Kong citizens.

This exhibition adopts a chronological and parallel space-time installation to assemble 30 ‘yellow light’ roadside stories from different parts of the city, including Hong Kong’s ‘ordinary’, ‘unusual’ and ‘new ordinary’ moments since 2019. The works are displayed on two facing walls, occasionally independent and interrelated to each other. This exhibition hopes to portray some collective memories and living conditions of Hong Kong’s people, to explore the nature and variability of ‘daily routine’, and to illustrate the asymmetric relationship between time and memory.

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⬤  藝術家簡介 Artist Bio

張俊謙,香港自由攝影師,喜歡蒐集城市裡大環境下的人文風景。 作品常以對比為軸,遊走在抽象與寫實、簡約與複雜、對稱與缺陷美之間。張氏曾舉辦的個人攝影展包括:多重曝光菲林藝術展「若夢」(2020)、探討文字與民生的街拍展「路邊的哲學家」(香港國際攝影節衛星展覽 2018) 以及紀錄香港密集都市環境下平常百姓生活的 「峽城浮生──都市峽谷下的香港日常」(2018) ,並於「2017年國家地理攝影大賽」手機組憑「井底之光」獲得第三名。

Jeremy Cheung is a Hongkong-born freelance photographer with a keen interest in exploring the relationships among humanity, urban environment and time. His personal works are often fusions of abstraction vs. reality, minimalism vs. complexity, as well as symmetry vs. imperfection. This is his second collaboration with HKIPF after 2018’s Satellite Exhibition “Philosophers on the Streets” – a photographic crossover between wordplay and cityscape. His other solo photo exhibitions include “Hong Kong Déjà Vu: when reality feels unreal” (2020) and “Life Between Urban Canyons” (2018). He is also an award-winner of “2017 National Geographic Wheelock Youth Photo Competition” (mobile category) with the photo “Light it Well”.

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