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Artist Statement:


IN SITU 解作「臨場、原地」。影像創作者透過雙重曝光的拍攝手法,遊走香港不同地區,就地取材建構虛實交錯的黑白時空。在交疊的記憶隙縫中,會否隱藏著讓我們重塑真實的平行空間?


Adopting an “in situ” approach by double-exposing monochrome films in the surrounding vicinity, a collection of seemingly reconstructed yet illusive worlds is presented. Could these intersections be a built utopia where both the city’s truths and our memories reside in parallel space?





Jeremy Cheung is a Hongkong-born freelance photographer with a keen interest in exploring the relationships among time, humanity and the urban environment. His previous solo photo exhibitions include “SplitSecondCity”, “Hong Kong Déjà Vu: when reality feels unreal” (2020), “Philosophers on the Streets“ and “Life Between Urban Canyons” (2018). He is also an award-winner in the 2017 National Geographic Wheelock Youth Photo Competition (Mobile Category).



IG: rambler15

FB: jeremy c. photography  


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