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上//下 - 山城香港   Up//Down: Hillside Hong Kong


A joint exhibition with Sunny Liu (@sunny_liu), Kevin Mak (@kingymak) & Hans Leo Maes (@typicalplan)

Venue : NU Space, Sai Ying Pun

The collection of 16 images explores Hong Kong from both upward and downward perspectives while also highlighting social, historical and human ‘ups and downs’. (HK Tatler)

When it comes to world-class metropolises, Hong Kong is often uttered in the same breath as cities such as Paris, London, New York and Tokyo. A distinctive factor that sets the Fragrant Harbour apart from these locales, however, lies in its topography. “The landscape of Hong Kong Island isn’t optimal for a big city,” explains photographer Jeremy Cheung. “Other well-known cities are all built on plains, not hills.”  (Zolima City Mag)

Press Release :

"Is This Hong Kong’s Most Instagram-Friendly Exhibition?" by HK Tatler

"Up and Down For One Week Only: A Pop-Up Photo Exhibition About Hong Kong" by Zolima City Mag

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